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Oscar Fernando Flores Garcia I'm a Computer Scientist and no course could teach this as simple as you did. Great video.

Jim Fournier A great tutorial, I love how you explain things in a simple but informational way! I enjoy your videos! Thank you.

Katie Bee For something so technical and confusing this was very comprehensive. Thank you.

CrimsonXXSpawn Great content. I've come across a bunch of videos and yours has been the most descriptive and beginner friendly. Thank you!

FinestPix I learned a lot despite my complete lack of knowledge on this topic. Thanks WiFi Guy!

Michael Shaffer Thank you for your presentation. Years ago in college I learned all this stuff but in the last 15 years haven't used very much of it. With smart TVs, smartphones, smart devices, it's time I get involved with the networking again. Thanks for giving this Old Man a refresher.

Patrick Koscielny I really enjoyed this video, it was technical enough for me to help understand what I'm doing wrong with my Pihole setup, but in understandable terms for a person who isnt all too familiar with networking. great job and look forward to more!

Zackery Thomas Thank you much WiFi Guy. Your videos really do enhance all reading that I did before. The reading I did before had not always been entirely clear. I had to read different material from different sources the get a much better picture of whatever topic I was researching to become knowledgeable about.

I apply that technique to watching videos also.

Your tutorials clear up and add something that I may have not been able to conceptualize or missed from reading or watching other sources.

GrandadBatts Brilliant, Thanks so much, I have been playing around with computers for years but never really understood all the networking lark, all the different IP addresses, mac addresses etc, in one video you have made it so much clearer.

Darrin I loved the video, the way you break it down without talking down to me is awesome.

Bronto Bytes DM I found you by searching for peer to peer networking. I kept reading about networks and watching Udemy videos about networks and they simply refused to acknowledge what type of network they were talking about. Its like they assumed I was a domain person. Or did not clarify. You clarified that this was all a no server home network. I live in a tiny town isolated from the Midwest or the east or west coast. Its not like I can just ask someone!

Wallys I'm glad I found this. A Spectrum Tech who came to the house was very rude to me because I did not understand my router WiFi. My Linksys is about 10 years old and I thought it had something to do with my bad mobile phone and internet reception. He said I was all mixed up. I'm a senior and I find it all pretty hard to understand.

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